The idea that some people actually think I know what I'm talking about always amuses me. The idea that other people think I don't know what I'm talking about amuses me even more.

I don't consider myself -- and have claimed to be -- the be-all and end-all of knowledge, but when pushed I guess I can fake it pretty well. I'm not a "self-appointed expert," since I've never appointed myself anything of the sort. But I know some stuff, and you're free to listen to my opinions. Or not.

As a result,But over the years, a lot of people have invited to voice my opinions, including the CBC, Sleuth-TV, The Los Angeles Times, Booklist and Musica Jazz, among others, and I've been asked to speak at various crime fiction events, gatherings and conventions.

Here are some of the places where I've risen up on my hind legs to speak...

In chronological order. More listings and details to come...

The truth is, I love doing things like this. I am, after all, a man who likes to talk to a man who likes to talk. If you'd like to add me to your dog-and-pony show, I can be reached via e-mail.

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