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“Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.”
 Charles M. Schulz


In May 2004, I started writing for Valley Sports News & Review, a quarterly tabloid that celebrated amateur sports here in California's Antelope Valley, with a heavy slant towards youth. As founder and editor-in-chief Ed Cox proudly proclaimed, "it's all about the kids."

I did a regular bicycling column, The Bike Beat, covering recreational activities and occasional biking events in the Antelope Valley, and I started another one, entitled Silver Screen Sports, with the intention of reviewing video and DVD releases of sports movies.

Unfortunately, the paper only lasted four or five issues, although a few years later, Ed's son Bradley, who had relocated to San Diego, gave it another shot, launching a new paper entitled North County Sports, and I was invited to revive my column, and tailor it for a new community.

Again, the paper was short-lived, but the columns gave me a chance to write about cycling, a true passion of mine (although I've never felt the need to don spandex to prove it). It allowed me to check out new gear, scope out new trails and new neighbourhoods, and to rant about the failings of not just motorists and government, but of irresponsible cyclists.


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