As Editor

I actually started out as a sort of self-editor on my web site. That's when it really came home to me how much easier it was to edit other people.

And it seems I'm not too bad at it -- or at least have fooled a lot of people who should know better. A few of the folks I've worked with have gone on to have a fair amount of success and a few stories I've edited have even gone on to be nominated or even win awards.

"Kevin: Without you, this story wouldn't be here. The best editor out there."
-- Dave White: from the inscription in my personal copy of The Adventure of the Missing Detective and 19 of the Year's Finest Crime and Mystery Stories, edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg. Dave's story, "God's Dice," which originally appeared on Thrilling Detective, is included.

"Kevin: My main man. Thanks for giving me my first break."
-- Duane Swierczynski, author of Secret Dead Men, The Wheelman, The Blonde, Fun'n'Games and others.

"Kevin Burton Smith is the only editor that ever made me cry."
-- Jim Winter, author of Northcoast Shakedown.

Down These Wicked Streets
Co-edited with D.L. Browne
2001, Wicked Company Press
ISBN: 1-588984-23-0
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A collection of private eye tales from the Wicked Company Writers Group. I co-edited the collection with D.L. Browne, and wrote the preface.

The Thrilling Detective Web Site
Web site; on-going

Originally started as a labour of love (and a way to practise web page design and html), the site has grown far beyond my wildest dreams -- it now features over 2000 separate entries, and has become my (and several other people's) favourite waste of time. I've probably written about eighty percent of this sprawling monstrosity myself, and edited fiction and non-fiction from a growing list of contributors for it. The site has also done pretty well for me, nabbing some favourable attention within the mystery community and even a few awards. You can check them out here.

I've also been involved, purely as a web master, with several other web sites. You can also check out my Thrilling Detective Web Guy page for a list of them..

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